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Saturday, September 10, 2005

Both Sides of the Fence

Just as an addendum to yesterday's blog:
Christians, please stop trying to convince the world that the devistation of New Orleans happened because God hates sin, corruption and voodoo. If that was the case, then He would have put an end to the Bush Machine long ago. We no longer live amongst the scourge of the Old Testament, we live in an age of reason that does not allow superstitious nonsense to supplant common sense.

Oh, wait, what was I thinking? You're the reasonless people who put Bush into office in the first place.

On the other side of the fence I really wish that people, who are supposed to carry a little more of that treasured common sense, would stop claiming that disasters like Katrina and the recent tsunami are happening because the earth is attempting to shake human beings off the planet, like so many unwanted fleas. The idea that the earth is simply doing away it's "human cancer" (Kurt Vonnegut - Real Time with Bill Maher, Sept. 9th, 2005) is absolutely ludicrous. Yes, I agree that we all need to start taking better care of the planet, but only because it's where we live. Not because we need to appease it, like some god that demands annual sacrifices. Really! The people who are touting this belief are no better than the superstitious Christians, yet they claim that they're basing this idea upon logical and scientific thought. There is absolutely nothing logical about bending over to a god (new or old) that you create out of fear and confusion.

C'mon, Kurt, I expected more from a writer of your caliber and intellect!



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