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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Funny Ha-ha

Buddha’s first lesson to his disciples is that life sucks, so either you get used to it sucking, or you attempt – often in vain – to overcome life’s suckiness. Ordinarily, there isn’t a Boddhi Tree around when you need one, under which to crawl and to contemplate the many mysteries of Nirvana, so instead we are forced to live with the cold, wet blanket of life.

I guess that’s my complaint of the day: Why does my life have to suck just to appease God’s insatiably twisted funny side? Don’t get me wrong, here. I’m not a God-hater in any way. In fact, I think God is pretty cool. And I’m pretty sure that when It’s not too preoccupied with thinking up new practical jokes, It actually has a sensitive and compassionate side. Unfortunately for the human race, this caring and loving side tends to be overridden by It’s laughter.

You know, it’s the sort of laughter that you can’t seem to help when a chair is slid out from under a person who’s about to sit down. It’s the kind of funny that you’ll try to stifle for the sake of ethical decency, but will eventually bring tears to your eyes and cause you to wonder at the shear debauchery of your mentality. By the way, the next time you happen to be a witness to this sort of untoward event, and some indignant moron decides that it’s his position in life to teach you right from wrong by way of glaring at your laughter, just tell the idiot that God made you do it. Then, throw a cold, wet blanket on his face and laugh even harder.

"Adults are obsolete children." - Dr. Seuss


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