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Saturday, September 24, 2005

Random Thoughts of Happiness: What Color is Your Towel?

It really doesn’t matter, you know. All the advice and good sense and hope and happiness that still somehow remains in the world; it just doesn’t matter, when it comes right down to it. In the end, we’ll just blow ourselves up, and that will be that. We can laugh and we can cry, and we can dance if we want to (we can leave our friends behind), and we can bitch to our heart’s content. At day’s end, it’s truly a miracle that we’ve managed to survive into the night. All the coffee shops and poetry readings and SUV driving ex-hippies in the world mean nothing to the Prozac Robots (cleverly disguised with felicity by way of mass sedation) who have infiltrated our collective consciousness with their politically correct speech and HR Department approved mannerisms. Ours – we must face the facts – is to become worm food, or try like hell to succeed in life, die and become fine dirt cuisine anyway. Them be the choices, folks! Dreadful as they may first appear, once accepted, we can march toward our grave destiny with a modicum of pride in the knowledge that we can at least become as cynical as humanly possible.

That’s my towel; my bullet-proof shield, as it were, and it’s color is black. When the bombs drop – as they eventually will, don’t blind yourself to fact – I’ll have only one thing to say as I witness the Great Mushroom of Doom explode in our complacent faces:


The dolphins are missing.



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