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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Blame Bush?

So, OK, I know I said that I was going to take a couple weeks off, but I just have to comment on something that’s been bothering me. I know, I know, I was as surprised as you are that I felt the need to “suddenly” become opinionated, but here it is.

I want to comment on the fact that the media seems to be whining about the fact that everything is being blamed on George Bush. Did he just say “whining”? Yes, yes I did. The networks and the newspapers all seem to be pointing and laughing at the American public, who maintain the belief that Bush is still a goddamned idiot. Why, the news nitwits ask, does every bad thing in the world have to be immediately blamed on Bush?

Well, my dear CNN, Fox, MSNBC, brothers in arms et al, I’ll tell you: Because he IS to blame! And, by the way, Fox News may be right-wing biased, but at least they’re up front about it. CNN (formerly known as the Clinton News Network), on the other hand, just seems to be in denial of the fact that they’re just as bad.

Anyway, I’d really like to know the exact date that the current Bush supporters (if they were proponents of Dick Cheney, would they be called Dick Supporters? … sorry, it had to be said) will begin to awaken to the fact that Bush is really (are you guys ready for this?) not a very good president. There, I said it! It’s on my blog now, and I won’t take it back. You can’t make me! I won’t do it, and the CIA can just kiss my Bush-Blaming Butt! You CIA freaks wouldn’t even be in business today, if it weren’t for Bush and his Patriot Act.

Anyway ...

This one single man is responsible for so much hardship and catastrophe in the world that it’s hard not to blame him for everything from 9/11 to Katrina. But, with this in mind, can anyone of these Bush supporters tell me what (if any) good this president has done for the Untied States? For a guy who stands on a “What’s Good for America” platform, it seems to me that his only real concern is What’s Good for Oil.

Let me see if I can run down a short list, here:
  • An all but completely ruined economy that will take decades to truly overcome.
  • An illegal war spawned by lies he told the American people, the world and NATO.
  • An entirely fucked up educational system instated by him and his cronies that will ensure the dilapidation of the American society for longer than you or I will be alive.
  • And, now, he’s made sure that the current Supreme Court will make him more of a despotic totalitarian regime leader than a president of democracy – isn’t that the very reason that he sent our kids over to Iraq to die in the first place? To get rid of this sort of leadership? Or, was that his weapons of mass destruction excuse? I always forget.

I’m leaving out quite a few other little “faux pas” on this list, but you get my point: this guy has to be the worst president we’ve ever been stupid enough to elect … TWICE! Twice? Yes, twice, puddin' head.

Anyhow, so along with the media monkeys screaming unfairness about how Bush has been made the scapegoat for All That Is Bad, many Americans are following right along with the media masters by parroting the news broadcast bullshit.

“Bush didn’t send hurricane Katrina to kill poor black New Orleanians,” they say, which is invariably followed by a moment of silence. This silence, I believe, is in anticipation that the sane person may pop off with a great big “Yes, he did!” Which, of course, doesn’t happen because, well … we are sane. That doesn’t mean that we’re not thinking it, but we won’t usually say it because speaking this way to a Bush supporter only gives them more ammunition and everyone knows that imbeciles shouldn’t be allowed to play with guns, not to mention bullets.

“But, if you look closely enough, you’ll see that Bush really does care about the American people.” I love this one. In fact, I love it so much that ever time I hear one of these special cretins speaking this way, it makes me want to throw up on their shoes. The thing that blows my mind about these idiots is that many of them are poor people. Poor, redneck, sister-fucking idiots who believe that the right thing to do is to always stand for patriotism. Ok, I’ll buy that, but when your own government stands against that very patriotism, then the ONLY way to remain a patriot is to stand against your very un-patriotic government.

Did he just say “revolution”? Why, yes, I believe he did. But isn’t that exactly what the beat generation and the hippies of the Sixties kept going on about, when they weren’t stoned out of their minds? Why yes, yes they did. Did anyone listen back then? Nope, and that’s why we have people like George Bush in office today, and Malcolm X type revolutionaries are still considered uppity assholes by White House Right-wing Bush Regime standards.

"PATRIOT: The person who hollers the loudest but knows the least of what he's hollering about." -- Mark Twain



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