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Thursday, October 20, 2005

Bloggers May be in Danger

Horrid History

Oct 20, 1947 - Under the direction of Richard M. Nixon, the House Unamerican Activities Committee opens an investigation of communist infiltration of Hollywood cinema. The hysteria in the film industry results in the creation of a blacklist, preventing certain individuals from working in the business for years.

Oct 20, 1977 - En route to a gig at Louisiana State University, Lynyrd Skynyrd band members Ronnie Van Zandt and Steve Gaines are killed when their private plane runs out of fuel and crashes into a swamp in Gillsburg, Mississippi. Their record company MCA withdraws the flame-filled cover art for their ironically-named Street Survivors album.
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News Bloggers May be in Danger

Good morning Saint Paul, Minnesota! And a very good morning to Tunisia, Africa, where they will holding a United Nations summit next month to debate who controls the backbone of the Internet.

The European Union wants the major control shifted away from the US to a more representative global body or forum, but the US wants to continue its tight grip on the Net and rejected EUs proposals, last month.

Leave it to Minnesota State Senator, Norm Coleman, to introduce a Senate resolution on Monday that called for the Bush administration to oppose any suggested changes to the way the Net is run at the upcoming World Summit in Tunisia. This is par for the course because the US can’t allow the just anyone to relegate how news is spread throughout the world.

As it is the only outlet that the residents in many countries have, regarding any semblance of free speech, the Internet provides the rest of the world access to real news. Bloggers, in particular, in places like the Middle East, provide us with real news; news that isn't pre-censored by the government. They give us an in depth look into what is truly happening in their countries, and how they truly feel about what is going on with them. Blogs like these are the only thing that separates the bullshit that is being hand-fed to the American public (such as flowers being thrown to the American soldiers in Iraq) by the government regulated press, and the reality of these situations (as we finally came to find out that those “flowers” are more commonly referred to as Molotov cocktails and hand grenades throughout the rest of the world).

Coleman said there was no "rational justification" for moving Net governance into any kind of UN framework. He said it would politicize and stifle the Net.

"Many aspects of running the internet have profound implications for competition and trade, democratization, and free expression," he said. "We cannot stand idly by as some governments seek to make the Internet an instrument of censorship and political suppression. We must stand fast against all attempts to alter the Internet's nature as a free and open global system," he added.

What Senator Coleman apparently fails to realize is that the "some governments" to which he refers are probably localized to his own backyard.

Granted, the countries that are being called into question are in question because of their own policies regarding freedom of speech. Places like China would, I’m sure, love nothing more than to limit the kind of information that is distributed by their country’s populace.

But, like it or not, the Internet free press will inevitably become censored anyway. Eventually the luxury that most Bloggers have, with regard to Internet free speech, will go the way of the dinosaurs; made extinct by way of a large meteor called World Government Censorship. This is why the mainstream government-controlled media is currently downplaying the validity of blogs as sources of newsworthy information.

To give the reader an idea as to the kind of free press I'm talking about, please check out Baghdad Burning, which is just one of the many blogs currently spilling out of Iraq without governmental media regulations. Reader, this is not dangerous information, this is the real news from the real people, who are right smack in the middle of the real and terrifying situation that is going on in Iraq. This, in effect, is what the government classifies as non-newsworthy because it is information they do not currently control. After the summit in Tunisia, however, the US may be one step closer to shutting the door in this sort of information forever.

For the most part, the US controlled news agencies are monitored by a government that wants its own public, as well as the rest of the world, to only know so much. The information they do grant us by way of "competing" news networks will always be relegated and purposely misconstrued by the government’s media standards. So, with this in mind, Senator Norm Coleman is obviously spinning the “freedom of speech” issue toward the US government's ascendency over alternative news sources.

We are currently involved in a Wag the Dog situation with this infringement upon free speech. While this sort of thing is going on, the media (both right and left biased) want you to be more concerned over the fact the President Bush has nominated Harriet Miers for the Supreme Court, or that his televised talk with the troops in Iraq was staged. While this is certainly interesting, it doesn't hold a candle to the probable impact of the upcoming UN summit in Tunisia that could affect the very way we communicate with each other.



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