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Monday, October 17, 2005

Burning Our Freedom

Horrid History

Oct 17 1984 - The New York Times runs an article entitled "CIA Primer Tells Nicaraguan Rebels How to Kill." The story describes the secret manual Psychological Operations in Guerrilla Warfare which the CIA furnished to the Contras in Nicaragua. The booklet instructed how to kidnap and assassinate civil officials, such as judges and police.

Oct 17 1989 - The Loma Prieta earthquake strikes the San Francisco Bay Area, killing 67 and causing billions in property damage. The 6.9 magnitude temblor manages to collapse a long section of the double-decker I-880 freeway, smushing motorists between the two layers. Part of the Bay Bridge also collapses. Worst of all, the quake postpones the third World Series game.
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Burning Our Freedom

Good morning world! And, a very good morning to Fairfield, Ohio, where they still believe in the sanctity of Old Glory, and if you don't, they’ll make sure that you learn your lesson but quick. Such was the case there with two fourteen year-old fire-happy boys, who found out for themselves that it's generally not a good idea to burn the American flag in front of a dead soldier's home, last July. (read the article here)

While I'll readily agree that these kids were palpable morons – they claimed that they were just fooling around, and they have also claimed ignorance to the fact that they were burning the flag in front of this particular home – I doubt that's the way the media may end up portraying this incident, and this is what has me worried.

According to Ohio state laws, it is illegal to burn the flag for the purposes of malicious intent or simple defacement. However, if the burning was done for reasons of protest then it is protected by the First Amendment. So, the media hounds being what they are, and the general God-fearing, flag-waving, Bush-worshipping masses being what they are, will depict and view flag burning as an illegal act.

Apart from of one's views about flag burning, the fact of the matter is that the act is still protected under the First Amendment. The irritant about this particular incident is that it may add credence to the court pleas that want to make flag burning a federal offence. So, then, it comes down to two choices: should the American public allow flag defacement, or the defacement of the fucking Constitution? Me? I'll take burning the thing that could serve as a bed sheet.

Personally, I wouldn’t burn the flag in protest. This is not to say that I don’t understand and empathize with protestors who do, but I happen to believe there are more effective ways of showing one's disgust for the country and it’s current policies. At any rate, I am much more resistant toward the changing of the Constitution. In effect, and I only write this here to reiterate the fact for my slower readers, our Constitution is the only thing that sets the US apart from any other totalitarian government. Without the Constitution, the American public retains nothing of our espoused freedoms, and we are left completely at the mercy of our government. In this particular day and age, when the government is presently doing everything in its power to overturn those rights anyway, that is a very dangerous idea.

Again, these two kids are obviously idiots, but I have to wonder if these fools have any idea as to the kind of fire they may have truly started?



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