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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Bush Worried About Government Spending?

Horrid History

Oct 25, 1913 - Birthday of Klaus Barbie, infamous Nazi War Criminal. After World War II, US Intelligence helped the "Butcher of Lyons" enter Bolivia, where he lived openly for many years in the capital, La Paz. Barbie was finally deported to France in 1987.

Oct 25, 1983 - In order to maintain an uninterrupted supply of nutmeg to satisfy global demand, the United States of America invades the Caribbean island of Grenada. The invasion is rationalized as a rescue mission for American medical school rejects stuck in a sleazy offshore diploma mill.
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Bush Worried About Government Spending?

"Our administration is concerned about deficits, and the way they deal with deficits is you want to control spending. And I hope Congress lives up to their words. When they talk about deficits, they can join us in making sure we don't overspend. They can join us and make sure that the appropriations process is focused on those issues that -- those items that are absolutely necessary to the American people. I'm pleased that members of the Congress are talking about deficits. It means they understand their obligations not to overspend the people's money."

President Bush,
Remarks by the President in Photo Opportunity with His Cabinet
Jan. 6, 2003

If you believe that bullshit, read this.

The above linked website puts $87 billion into some perspective.


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