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Friday, October 14, 2005

Fate is Ignorance

Horrid History

Oct 14, 1959 - Actor and Nazi sympathizer Errol Flynn, dubbed "the most despicable human being yet born", dies of a heart attack in Vancouver's west end. Flynn slept with both Truman Capote and Howard Hughes.

Oct 14 1977 - During an anti-gay rally in Des Moines, Iowa, Anita Bryant gets hit in the face mid-prayer with a banana cream pie. Bryant finishes with custard dripping from her face: "Father, I want to ask that you forgive him and that we love him, and that we're praying for him to be delivered from his deviant lifestyle."

Oct 14 1977 - Crooning child abuser Bing Crosby dies on a golf course in Madrid, Spain. Since his death, two of his sons have committed suicide with a shotgun blast to the head (Lindsay in 1989, Dennis in 1991).

Oct 14 1985 - Respected Roman Catholic priest Gilbert Gauthe Jr. of Vermilion Parish, Louisiana, pleads guilty to molesting 11 boys and is sentenced to 20 years. The Catholic Church had been aware of his pederast avocation since 1973, but pretended not to. In the end, the church coughs up $5.5M in out-of-court settlements.
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Anyway ... Is it just me, or is everyone else absolutely insane? If you talk with some New Age freaks out there, they'll tell you that the whole world is going nuts because we're at the crux of the world's Endgame; that, essentially, insanity is necessary for this time period. While I'll readily admit that I once fell for this line of guru bullshit, it seems painfully obvious to me now that we are bringing about our own demise by way of acting like complete idiots.

There is no fate, and the human race is not necessarily destined to blow itself up, but it is apparent that this is what we want. Even the New Agers will tell you that the reason that there are so many people on the planet now is because souls are returning to this plane of existence for the opportunity to witness the end of the world.

We are certainly at a turning point in our developmental consciousness, which is obvious by the fact that we have sped along our technological development at comparable light speed over the past forty years. Beyond this, however, many of us are still living in the caves of our ancestors. Though we may sport the latest cell phones and iPods on our Batman-like utility belts, our brains have yet to compute the fact that other people may be different from us and that they may have a different view of the world than we do.

Really, all in all, who cares? For instance, why should the majority of the world care if gay people want to get married? I once heard a comedian say "why shouldn't they be just as miserable as the rest of us?" and, in a way, that's exactly my point about all of this. Why should we be so concerned over the lifestyle choices of others, when we can barely take care of ourselves? Perhaps, if we stop poking our nosy little noses into other people's problems, we might (just maybe) take care of our own and further develop our consciousness to meet with the rest of the universe.

I'm quite sure that there is life outside our little planet. I'm also sure that the reason that these beings have yet to make their presence formally known is because they understand that as soon as they do we'll declare war on them. What if, for example, the little Grey aliens have absolutely no problems with gay people? Would we overlook the historical landmark of their arrival because their ideologies don't fit with the Christian god's plan? Would we totally negate their existence because we believe ourselves to be "God's Chosen People"? Bubble this in your head, my dear Christian: What if they are God? What if it's true that we are God's Chosen because they have created us? Too blasphemous for your little brain to wrap around? Yeah, that's why they have yet to show up at the NATO summits.



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