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Sunday, October 23, 2005

Monsters Under the Bed

Horrid History

Oct 23, 4004 BC - According to calculations by 17th century biblical theologian James Ussher, God creates the heavens and the Earth.

Oct 23, 1983 - An Islamic Jihad suicide bomber drives a truck loaded with 2.5 tons of TNT into the US Marine barracks in Beirut, Lebanon. The explosion kills 241 American servicemen. Simultaneously, a smaller truck bomb strikes another base in Beirut, killing 58 French soldiers. Even though the NSA has proof that the Iranians are behind the attacks, President Ronald Reagan begins delivering them weapons for hostages only 39 days later.

Oct 23, 1997 - Newborn son of The Artist Formerly Known As Prince dies of complications from a "rare skull deformity." The baby's death certificate fails to name either the father or mother.
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Dearest reader,
It is with great pleasure that I sit back today to play editer, in order to give you a taste of something that my wife has written.

Monsters Under the Bed

by Rachel Gray

I thought to myself, “But I don’t want to die from a flesh eating virus, why does it have to be like this?” Then I thought, “Oh, it doesn’t. It’s just what is being sold to me!”

Imagine. Everything around me is being sold to me. War. Terrorism. Flesh eating viruses. Nuclear war. Evil men. I’m three years old again with scary dark monsters in my closet, and under my bed. Oh my. At least we have something over the victims of the Cold War. 9-11 gave us the privilege of fighting much more than a hallucination. Please someone explain to me, what were we afraid of during the Cold War? Communism? Are you serious?! An idea? Really? Oh sure, our government likes to tell us that it was because they had nuclear weapons. Yet I ask, what was the government busy doing behind our backs while our TV screens and news papers were perpetuating fear? The Communists knew just as well as we did what sending nuclear weapons over here would cause – Total World Annihilation. We knew it. They knew it. No one was going to do it because that is not what anyone wanted. It’s the basic principal of survival.

But now our boogey man is much, much bigger. Why? Because it had to be. We could not once again be led to believe in an Imaginary Boogeyman. We’d learned our lesson. This time the threat would have to be real. And aren’t these new monsters so much scarier! This time our monsters are willing to die for their ideals. This time The Monsters… er, Evil Doers, do not care if they send a nuclear bomb because they have 72 virgins waiting for them in heaven. Now I know that if I had 72 virgins waiting for me on the other side I just wouldn’t be able to wait to die for my cause too. But, the thing is, these men can wait. These men aren’t willing to die for a cause either. You want to know how I know that. Because they’re human just like me. And in my mind I know that no matter how strong my faith, no matter how spiritually powerful I become, there is still that little small whisper of doubt that speaks to me when I least expect it, and it says “what if I’m wrong? What if everything I believe in is wrong? What happens to me then?” The idea that I might actually have to stand before Saint Peter one day and have him condemn me to hell for my transgressions makes my skin chill just a little bit.

To continue, I guess I should explain something. I am a hedonist. Not at pagan. Not a Wiccan. Not an agnostic. Not an atheist. I am a Webster’s dictionary H-E-D-O-N-I-S-T. Hedonist. It means that I don’t acknowledge the God of Christianity, Islam or Judaism. And if you paid attention to what I said before declaring myself a hedonist, you would know that I don’t acknowledge any other gods as my god either. That is not to say that I am God-less. I do believe in a higher spiritual plane of existence. In fact my spiritual beliefs tend to stray towards the Eastern side of being. But my soul says that they haven’t got it right either. I guess you could say that I trudge along my spiritual path alone, solitary in my search for peace and enlightenment. I think many people are out there who are just like me – wanting and needing, and deeply knowing the answers we have been given just are not right. So we keep searching and waiting…

But, like I said, there are those moments in my sleep when I catch just a whisper that says “what if I’m wrong, then what happens to me?” And because the thought that my whole life I could have been wrong about something I believe in so deeply, it frightens me enough that I’m not in a hurry to find the answer. And I also think that our Evil Doers are not in a hurry to find out the answer either. As a human being, there is a small part of me that is more than ok with staying alive and living in the world that I know, just because of the “what if…” factor. What if this is all I’ve got? You know it too, its there in the back of your mind. What if ‘the worms go in, the worms go out’ is all there is at the end? Just because the shade of their skin is darker, or their Savior has a different name, does not mean that they aren’t as scared as we are to die.

But the Fear Machine is forcing us to believe that these men have become Evil Men who are not afraid to kill us. Men who want to become Martyrs for their beliefs and go away to heaven to live out eternity in the arms of 72 virgins. What if we just stopped fighting? What then? Our Government likes to say that if we stopped fighting now they’d only attack us at home. I say, what is the government doing behind our backs that they don’t want us to know about? It must be something pretty big because the monster’s they’ve created are worse then any monster that ever lived under my bed.

(Submitted by Rachel Gray)


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