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Friday, October 21, 2005

That Nutty Saddam

Horrid History

Oct 21, 1973 - J. Paul Getty Jr's ear is removed by kidnappers and sent to a newspaper in Rome, along with a photo. It doesn't arrive until November 8.

Oct 21, 1995 - Shannon Hoon, lead singer of the pop band Blind Melon, dies of a heroin overdose in New Orleans, inside the band's tour bus.

Oct 21, 1997 - Hotel owners in the Detroit area meet to discuss suicide doctor Jack Kevorkian's practice of leaving corpses in their hotel rooms.
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Oh, That Nutty Saddam

Well, if he wasn't already a cheif candidate for the Looney-tunes award before now, jail time has apparently made Saddam as such. I mean, the man is obviously unfit to stand trial, and I wonder how soon it will be before the court catches on? On the other hand, I think it is more likely the case that it's all an act of apathy. He knows he's a dead man and that he doesn't stand a chance for defense, so he's acting out in court because he just doesn't have anything more to lose.

Personally, it seems obvious to me that this whole trial is just a circus side show, anyway. Does anyone (Saddam and his lawyers included) honestly believe that the man has any chance in hell of walking away from this thing with his head still attached to the rest of his body? The judge just needs to slam the gavel, pronounce him to be an extraordinary creep, and have done with it already. But, no, where's the fun in that? The courts have to show that, even though Saddam never once gave anyone a fair shake, they must rise above his tyrannical shenanigans and give him a fair trial.

It's a load of crap, if you ask me. Will his defense team somehow produce a glove that doesn't fit? Where the hell is Kato? I'm sure he's just chomping at the bit to get into that courtroom. Someone needs to get on the phone with Kato's agent and set him up with this gig.



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