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Sunday, October 16, 2005

Why Cheshire?

Dearest Reader,

OK, first things first. If you have any sense of democratic decency, then you need to donate some cash to Failing that, at least go check out the site. Remember, an act of rebellion a day keeps the totalitarians away.

In any case, hello and welcome (back?) to the Cheshire's Blog; a place where we realize that all your dreams can come true, granted that you're a white conservative faith-based Bush supporting republican neophyte.

I thought that I'd take today's blog to explain a little bit about what it is we do here at the Cheshire's Blog. First of all, "We" at the Cheshire's Blog consists mainly of myself and my cat, Voodoo. For the most part, the opinions expressed here at the Blog are the cat's, but as he remains somewhat computer illiterate, I am merely his secretary. Appropriate, then, that this blog is entitled the Cheshire's Blog, eh? Voodoo says this is to throw off the government bastards that are forever on his tail, but I think it's because he suffers from hebephrenic tendencies. Personally, I wanted to name the blog 'Mister Crankypants', but Voodoo just said, "What? That's a stupid idea! Sit down, shut up and type, slave, I have something to say about this whole Bush administration thing." Yeah, at times he can be quite the asshole.

Actually, the Cheshire's Blog came about because in July of this year I began writing a humor column for a Minnesota-based online magazine called The River Valley Reader. In keeping with the light-hearted ambiance of the magazine, RVR thought it would be a good idea for me to keep my political views to myself.

"Look, clown," said Nate, the chief editor of RVR, "you've got to stop pissing people off. You're here to do one thing and one thing only, pal: make me laugh. Now, dance little monkey, dance!"

Seriously, Nate is a great guy, and he has become a trusted fiend ... er, friend over the past few months. But, since there was no way in hell Voodoo was going to be able to keep his opinion to himself, I decided to create this blog in an attempt to further annoy conservative republican web surfers. Just doing our part to piss of the radical right.

So, what's with the obsession with the Cheshire? Well, it's really about my (unhealthy?) fixation with Lewis Carroll's Wonderland series. I am of the staunch opinion that Alice's Adventures in Wonderland is, by far, the best children's story ever created and the Cheshire Cat is my favorite character. A couple of years ago, this infantile fixation was further enhanced when I played a computer game that is loosely based upon the series called American McGee's Alice, wherein a deranged and orphaned Alice is thrust back into Wonderland. The Cheshire Cat in this game is a very different sort of cat than that of Lewis Carroll's, and I thought that, being the opinionated and often wry person that I tend to be, if I were to ever transform into any fictional character, then it would have to be this grinning sardonic cat. Besides, Voodoo told me to do it.

Anyway, Voodoo and I hope that you're enjoying the Cheshire's Blog. As long as we manage to retain the freedom of speech on the Internet, we promise to keep bringing you the best in slights against our Orwellian government, paranoid commentaries about UFOs and alien conspiracies, and the occasional movie or book review (I'll write those reviews when Voodoo is sleeping). If you'd like to put a little laughter into your day, please make my editor happy and visit the Cheshire's Grin at the River Valley Reader.

Yours grinning in a tree,
Alan (the Cheshire) and Voodoo (Evil Overlord)
My cat and master, Voodoo


Blogger ruejacobs said...

hi, i googled Lewis Carroll blogs and your blog popped up. i am also a fan of the Alice series. i have a shrine to Alice in my apartment. i was also happy to see that i am not the only one who uses the term 'Orwellian'. love the pic of american mcgee's chesire...and your cat looks an awful lot like one of mine, too.

10/20/2005 06:34:00 PM  

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