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Thursday, November 03, 2005

Aunt Jemima Invades New York!

Horrid History

Nov 3, 1755 - The colony of Massachusetts offers a 20 pound bounty for scalps of indian boys or girls under the age of 12. Warrior scalps fetch a slightly higher price, 30 pounds.

Nov 3, 1913 - Income tax law signed.

Nov 3, 1979 - Diff'rent Strokes premieres on NBC. The cast's child actors have gone on to bigger and better things: Todd Bridges (arrests: drug possession, 1983; attempted murder, 1989; knife stabbing in self defense, no arrest, 1993; assault with a deadly weapon, 1997); Dana Plato (armed robbery, 1992, then a porno centerfold; dead of a drug overdose in 1999); Gary Coleman (a short, pudgy gun nut who plays Nintendo games; 2003 gubernatorial candidate).
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Aunt Jemima Invades New York!

Why did the sweet-smelling cloud, which drifted through Manhattan last week, gain such little press attention? Here's the article that the NY Times published about it: Good Smell Perplexes New Yorkers

Being as Manhattan is the business metropolis that it is, you'd think that something like this would gain huge national attention. Instead, it was swept under the rug as just a funny little thing that happened on the way to work.

Officials found nothing within the air quality that indicated foul play, but sweet and pleasant smelling, or not, this is just the sort of thing the Riddler would have pulled! The next thing you know, New Yorkers will start being nice to each other. Oh, the humanity!



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