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Sunday, November 06, 2005

Just a Little Bit of Horrid History for Today

Horrid History

Nov 6, 1988 - Beatle Ringo Starr checks into an alcohol rehabilitation center. While many consider Ringo the least talented Beatle, he has shown exceptional acting ability in his "Atouk zug zug Lana" role (Caveman, 1981).

Nov 6, 1989 - Kitty Dukakis, wife of Presidential candidate and Massachusetts governor Michael Dukakis, is hospitalized for drinking rubbing alcohol. According to Hunter S. Thompson, "She was a really good advertisement for speed for twenty-six years."

Nov 6, 1996 - In Vicente Guererro, Mexico, the family of Eduardo Quihua Maquixtle, including four children, are stabbed by three men who accuse them of witchcraft.

Nov 6, 2002 - Actress Winona Ryder found guilty of shoplifting, after she lifted $5500 in crap from Saks Fifth Avenue on Wilshire Boulevard. Among the merchandise she stole was a $760 sweater and $600 hair decorations. And an $80 pair of socks.
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I don't really have the time to write today; the task of putting food on the table beckons me away. However, don't forget about the new Cheshire's Eye! My eventual goal is to pack the Eye with reviews from my entire (and oh, so very extensive) movie collection. If you'd like to see a particular review, write to me! The e-mail link is on the right side bar of this blog.



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