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Saturday, November 26, 2005

Santa Claus: No More Mister Nice Guy

Santa Claus: No More Mister Nice Guy

There is no clear motive why a man was stabbed to death by an intruder dressed in Santa gear, detectives said.

Sikander Shaheen, 25, was attacked in his bed by a knifeman wearing a red and white hat and full white beard.

Officers said they found no reason for the murder of Mr. Shaheen, who was a private, hard-working, religious man, but the knifeman "intended to kill".

Neighbors called police to the house in Leyton, east London, on Saturday morning. Mr. Shaheen died in hospital.

He was stabbed several times by the killer who had gained access to the shared house in Grove Green Road.

Police said there was no sign of forced entry or a struggle and nothing had been stolen from the property. Police are baffled because Shaheen had no chimney in his house, and neighbors report that they had not heard sleigh bells on their roofs on the evening in question.

Det. Ch. Insp. Keith Garnish said "I am convinced that person went in there with the sole purpose of killing someone; he had three things on his mind: milk, cookies and bloodlust."

DCI Garnish said he wanted to speak to Mr. Shaheen's friends, colleagues and fellow worshippers to establish his lifestyle and a possible motive for the killing, as it is suspected that Shaheen must have been fairly naughty this year to provoke Santa into such a murderous rampage. “This just goes to show you,” Garnish warned, “around this time of the year, you’d better be good for goodness sake.”

Police also wanted information about Mr. Shaheen’s movements after he came home from work on Friday evening. Neighbors report witnessing small creatures scurrying about Shaheen’s property the night before the murder, but dismissed the activity as a gathering of stray cats. Police now suspect the creatures were elves, who may have been staking out Shaheen’s home and then reporting back to Santa’s headquarters at the North Pole.

The Santa hat thought to have been worn by the attacker was found nearby and is being forensically examined. So far, no other evidence has been found, other than a few pieces of coal next to Mr. Shaheen’s corpse.

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