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Saturday, December 10, 2005

Let's Hear It for the Grannies!

Sue Ann Martinson – one of the eleven grandmothers of 48 grandchildren, who marched into an army recruiting station near the University of Minnesota Tuesday and volunteered to enlist – said, “The idea is to make a statement about the futility of war.”

Initially, the recruiters refused to allow the grandmothers to fill out the applications, so they sat down on the floor. Martinson said they were prepared to be arrested.

Once the police arrived and spoke with the protesters, the recruiters finally agreed to allow them to fill out the applications, which they did and left without further incident.

“There’s an incredibly aggressive recruiting going on,” Martinson said. “Our children are not cannon fodder!” read one of the protesters’ signs.

“We grandmothers cannot sit quietly by and watch our youth being cajoled into the army to die or be maimed in a senseless war,” said Erica Bouza, the wife of former Minneapolis police chief Tony Bouza.

Mary Lou Ott of Edina, who said she is a grandmother of nineteen, added, “This is a bloody war, an evil war, an immoral war, and we want to find creative ways of demonstrating that.”



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