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Monday, December 05, 2005

The Responsibility of Blasphemy

Good morning America, and a very special good fucking morning to Hartford, Connecticut, where Hartford Public and Bulkeley schools are fining their students $103 for the use of “foul” language. If the kids can’t fork over the cash, then the schools go after the parents for the money in an effort to teach the kids and their parents what? That’s right, puritanical moral values.

I’ve got news for you, dear Connecticut, like any other enforcement of Victorian values, these fines will not teach your children anything other than creative rebellion. How are you supposed to teach your children about the First Amendment, which guarantees every American – regardless of their age – the right to free speech, when you yourselves refuse to practice this constitutional right?

Look, I have nothing against any attempt to curb hallway cussing in schools. It is my firm opinion that today’s children are pushing the envelope when it comes to crossing the line of authority. I also believe this a mainly due to two major factors of neglect: irresponsible parents and irresponsible media.

Parents need to begin with a firm hold on their children’s tongues, and they need to teach them when cussing is appropriate. Yes, there are times when it is appropriate. They also need to begin the practice with themselves by way of not using foul language around their kids. Instructing your children as to which words are appropriate, and which ones are not, could go a long way toward teaching self-restraint. Simple as that.

Then, there’s the media. Depicting professional athletes (veritable demigods to most kids), who make careers and millions of dollars while defying authority does nothing to help the situation. I’m not saying that the information media needs to stop reporting the news, I’m just saying that they need to be more responsible in what they decide to report. For instance, I can think of ten other major news items that could have been reported the day that Tyson bit Hollyfield’s ear off. Instead, those stories were either glazed over or completely ignored in favor of showing the flesh-eating Tyson at his worst. When someone mentions the name Kobe Bryant do you think of his career, or do you think rape case? When you think of OJ Simpson does the fact that he won the Heismann Trophy spring to mind, or the fact that he was one of the greatest football players to grace the gridiron come into play? No, we think of a guy who got away with murder.

Again, the real issue at stake is free speech. It’s a battle between the free speech of the average American and the free speech of the media. Granted, this amendment was instated primarily for the purpose of free media, and this has transcended into the vernacular of everyday Joes, which I happen to think is a good goddamned thing by the way. It’s one of the reasons, if not the main reason that I enjoy living in the United States. However, as with any liberty granted by the government, or any other authority for that matter, a lot of responsibility comes with this right. This responsibility here requires that you do not use this wonderful civil liberty in ways that may cause harm to yourself or others. You may think that spitting in the face of authority helps your cause, but the fact is that you end up hurting yourself in the end.

Be smart, America, and stop being the knee-jerk reactionists that papa government already assumes that you are. If you want to tell the government to fuck off, fine, do it … by all means! But, you’ve been given a brain for a reason. Be creative in how you go about your offense. Any idiot can tell an authority figure to fuck off, but it takes real brain power to make lasting change.

Failing that, just do what Dick Cheney does and tell them to go fuck themselves.



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