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Saturday, December 17, 2005

The Year's Best Commercial?

If you have yet to see this Anheuser-Busch Super Bowl commercial, click here.

If I've got this right, the commercial depicts what seems to be six soldiers returning home from the war. However, by the innocent and clean looks on their faces and uniforms, it seems more apparent that they're just heading out to the devastation. Where are the vacant and hopeless stares that have become the telltale trademark of the returning soldiers? So, are the people applauding the soldiers' return, or are they simply cheering them on to go off and die in an unjust war?

Then the commercial ends with a caption that reads "Thank You." That's nice. When soldiers returned from the Vietnam war, they didn't get thank yous; they got pushed to the side and spit on, and they were called baby-killers. Now, thirty-some-odd years later, it seems that the government-funded media has learned its lesson: Tell the American public how to feel about the war, and they'll stay asleep and go along with it. Clap, monkeys, we're sending your children back home to you. At least the live ones. This ad is perfect. If you like it, you may consider yourself ultra-patriotic and swig down an ice-cold Bud. If you don't like it, then you're anti-patriotic and against the soldiers. But, just in case you've forgotten, this war is not about the soldiers, its about profit. Our kids are being sent to Iraq to die in a rich-man's war, so that those rich men can get even richer. Was this ad simply a great big thank you card from the war's corporate sponsors?

What, exactly, are we thanking them for? Fighting for our freedoms? Our own government is ensuring that the PATRIOT Act is all but taking those freedoms away. The freedom of Iraq? Where is the freedom in having another country come in and tell you what to do, and how to live your life? The fact is Iraqis want the soldiers out. Many of them have clearly stated that they'd rather have Hussein back in power than to continue on with their lives in American military presence.

If this commercial truly wanted to depict the reality of this war, it would have shown soldiers returning in flag-draped coffins. It would have shown zombie-eyed soldiers walking through the airport using crutches and canes to support themselves after having a leg or two blown off from a car bomb. Instead it shows wholly intact, psychically undamaged individuals coming back from a war that has left thousands of their fellow soldiers, not to mention the even higher number of innocent Iraqi civilians - including women and children - dead.

Political, warmongering propaganda from a beer company without all that bitter aftertaste! Yummy!

Here's a commercial that won't be shown at this year's Superbowl: Click here.



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