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Thursday, February 16, 2006

FEMA's Trailer Park

Ok, so if I have this correctly, General Richard Skinner, Department of Homeland Security Inspector, has advised that the 11,000 trailers, which are currently sitting empty near the Hope Municipal Airport in Hope, Arkansas, (apparently the Southerners, who lost their homes are too busy with Mardi Gras parties to have asked for housing accommodations just yet), are badly damaged. “Insofar as many of these homes fail to meet FEMA specification requirements, or FEMA has no qualified prearranged site locations to place them, they may have to be disposed of.” Said Skinner

News crews have not been allowed on the site until the other day, when John McDermott, FEMA spokesperson, finally walked camera crews through the vast landscape of metal homes and told reporters that the homes are actually in perfect condition. Of course they are sagging a bit, due to the fact that they’re sitting on Arkansas’ apparent soft soil, but FEMA brought in 6,500 jacks to fix the problem, and they seem to have done the job. Imagine that! FEMA saw a problem and actually fixed it!

FEMA site manager Jerry Hall said that there “are no damaged trailers here … none.” He also stated that the Homeland Security inspectors spent all of half an hour on the over 300 acre site, and then went back to Washington with the news that the mobile homes were falling apart at the seams, and not fit to be habitable by nutria. (Nutria: you good folks from Louisiana know what I’m talking about!)

Why not just move the trailers to their intended destination in the Gulf? Well, according to McDermott, he doesn’t know. He said, “that decision largely depends upon finding sites on which to put them.”

I have a suggestion: How about putting them anywhere the damned hurricane damaged people’s homes? I’m pretty sure that the victims of Katrina; whole families who are either living on the streets or perhaps lucky enough to still reside in state run shelters, while attempting to contend with the loss of neighbors and loved ones, would be more than happy to have a place to call their own, no matter how temporary. Perhaps the metal homes will give these poor bastards some hope, while being defrauded by their home insurance companies.

Keep in mind that with the approach of Spring, and with it tornado season in Arkansas, FEMA’s claim to Homeland Security Inspector General that the homes are in perfect condition may not last very long; jacks for the sagging homes, or not. Don’t forget that tornadoes seem to have a taste for mobile home parks, and the 300 acre mobile home park in Arkansas is no exception.

Just imagine for a moment the kind of new disaster in the making: Metal debris from 11,000 trailers flying through the air, thereby creating one of the worst tornado disasters ever. Perhaps even creating something so large as an F5 twister. Then, Homeland Security can once again make claim that FEMA’s incompetent management, and their refusal to do away with the trailers when the Inspector General specifically told them to do it, will slam the final nail in a coffin that has been meant for FEMA all along.



Anonymous said...

Brilliant, as usual, Cat! You may count on my passing it along...

Bruce Appleton
Coppell, TX

2/18/2006 11:54:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You're lucky they're empty. You should see what happens when they put people in them.

Eugene Freeze
Biloxi, Miss.

5/01/2006 08:40:00 PM  
Blogger Jere Beery said...

11/16/2006 11:28:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was passing through Hope Ark and passed the airport,dam it was so many trailers that it just amazed me to how many are there.someone should be ashame of themselves for spending that much money on empty trailers, they could give every hunter a free tralier,or give it to some folks where their living conditions are not great.

11/26/2006 03:34:00 PM  

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