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Friday, February 03, 2006

A Small Proposal of Protest

One of the things that bothers me so much about Bush is the fact that he cannot abide criticism. The arrest of Cindy Sheehan at the 2006 State of the Union Address is a prime example of what I mean, here. During his 2003 presidential campaign, his aides made sure that there were no protestors – or anyone claiming democratic leanings – attending the campaign speeches, and attendees were forced to sign waivers which claimed that they were of republican persuasion; some waivers even obliged the attendee to vote for Bush in the upcoming election. Where is the fairness in this sort of campaigning? Where is the sentience in only allowing those in your favor to be present at a national address?

Sheehan was arrested for wearing an anti-war t-shirt, which had the words “2,245 Dead. How Many More?” The number on the shirt was augmented with a line drawn diagonally through the “5” to read 2,247 in order to update the latest Iraqi car bombings, which had occurred since the shirt was created. This kind of demonstration is important. It is important because this is how America is supposed to work. We are allowed the right to protest anything we want, as long as we do so without inciting violence in our objections. It is one of the foremost reasons that despondent people immigrate to America, and find our brand of democracy so very appealing.

In taking away this form of protest, or any form for that matter, we are losing a freedom that has been granted to us by the country’s founders. Whether you happen to agree with the policies of the Bush administration, or not, I would hope that the one thing we can all agree on is that our freedoms to speak against the current political system are at stake when people are arrested for simply wearing a t-shirt that expresses facts.

I propose that we all get together and send president Bush flyers that state the latest death tolls. Most of us with computers have a word processing program like Microsoft Word, and a printer. All you need to do is type in the latest number of soldiers killed (you can find the latest count here), increase the font to it’s largest size (perhaps you can even use this bloody font for effect and color it red), print it out and mail it to:
President George W. Bush
c/o The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500

It’s not a big protest on our part, at least it shouldn’t be any big deal, but let’s make King George aware that we’ve all had enough of both his war and his feelings about the protestors, who speak out against his policies. I believe that if enough of us make this one small gesture of our disapproval, the Bush administration will be forced to act. President Bush has plainly stated that he does not pay attention to polls. I wonder if we can force him to at least pay attention to the tolls?

"To sin by silence when they should protest makes cowards of men." - Abraham Lincoln



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